Brondal Group

Situated in the eastern regions of the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, Brondal Group is ideally situated for the supply of underground mining equipment in Southern Africa.

About Us


To be the market leader in providing complete, quick and effective solutions in the Southern African consumer market.


Integrity, uncompromising customer service, teamwork and quality products is guaranteed.


Project Control – Every project is supervised by a Director, who is personally responsible for technical accuracy, quality control and cost management

Quality Management – Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System to ensure ongoing, top quality service to our clients

Development of Our People – We empower our people with a sense of individual purpose, we provide a challenging environment of continuous learning and focused training, allowing individuals to excel, furthering their own development.

Sustainability – Brondal Group is also actively involved in the development of clean energy projects. Our designs are environmentally cognizant and focus on achieving the best practical energy efficiency, with the lowest possible impact to our environment.

Research and Development – A significant portion of company resources is directed into the research and implementation of new and innovative technologies and methodologies.

Health and Safety – Brondal Group promotes a culture of health and safety awareness to ensure a harm-free working environment and provides equipment that conform to the highest safety standards.

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