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Biomass Energy and Biomass Gas Generators

Biomass generators! The carbon free process to electrical power generation. Let us go the green way. It is merely a process of recycling CO2 gas. This is called a renewable energy process.

Biomass provides a clean and reliable energy source suitable for prime power generation.
Biomass energy is a way to generate power and save our planet.
It is cost effective and they way to go if you are thinking long term.

Biomass resources include but are not limited to:

Waste such as animal manure.
Most forms of agri, municipal and sewage sludge waste.
Wood waste of all kinds. (Our focus)
Energy crops such as grass, starch, sugar and oil.

Biomass generators are powered by biomass producer gas. This syngas provides an attractive source of electrical energy.  This is our choice as the best and most cost efficient new form of long term power generation.

Exclusively from Brondal Power!  We bring you the Shengdong biomass generators.  Produced by the Shengdong group in China. Straight from the world famous Shengli oilfields near Shanghai. Biomass Gasification can be done by our project partner EECO fuels. Please enquire about these custom built Shengli biomass gas generators. Brondal Power and EECO fuels are the official suppliers to the Southern Africa region.
Please Note!  This is not a modified diesel engine. No diesel is needed!

Biomass generators with rated output varies from 100 kW to 500 kW..
They can be used in sync or parallel for prime power plants.
Power plants with rated output from 100 kW up to 250 MW power can easily be put up.

Make biomass energy your choice.
The way to go for the future.
Do your part to save our planet.

Please see link above for a complete info brochure.
Please contact us for more detail and info.
Let our energy power you!
Brondal Power