The EBZ160JM is an integrated unit which features continuous cutting, bolting, and conveying. It is used in applications with semi-coal-rock and coal-rock laneways. Its anchor rod drill boom can be used for horizontal and vertical drilling and supporting functions in the tunnel roof. The intelligent motor control system features automatic power adjustment and fault diagnosis functions.

Unique Three-Arm Manipulator Structure:
There are two sets of folding roof-bolter arms mounted on the cutting boom, creating roof and lateral support. This unit requires minimal space to operate efficiently. With this unique design, the rib bolter arm is able to extend to the first conveyor, allowing the anchor boom to move up and down and rotate up to 90°. This will allow anchoring at varying heights.

Temporary supporting system:
The main body is equipped with a telescopic temporary supporting system, permitting stable operation at maximum height. The operator can adjust supporting anchor positions as required, making this unit safer and more efficient at all operating levels.

Optional Equipment:
A wet de-dusting system may be installed, which reduces dust efficiently and effectively. A Remote Visual System, which has a position and memory cutting function, may be operated remotely within 100 meters.