The EBZ series are boom type, lengthways cutting, road headers. Comprehensive tunneling machines combining continuous cutting, loading and conveying. This series is designed and manufactured to suit tunneling requirements in coal lanes, limestone, shale, mixed soils etc.

The EBZ160 Road Header is manufactured to suit customer specified conditions and is mainly used in semi rock/coal laneways and in the larger sections, where tunnel slopes from -25° – +18° are required. A second conveyor or mine car can be attached to the rear of the machine.

The EBZ135 is a telescopic boom, vertical cutting road header, with a supporting device to increase stability. The 1st conveyor and spade board are driven by a low speed, high torque hydraulic motor, reducing fault occurrences. The travel section is also driven by a hydraulic motor. The scraper chain is equipped with a tensioning device assisted by a spring and a hydraulic cylinder.

The cutting head is equipped with a three speed power shift capability, with constant power cutting. It sports suspension support for easy travel and a very sensitive variable hydraulic system. Further features include but is not limited to a centralized lubrication system, PLC control and constant power control for multiple directional valves.