The MG100-TP single drum floor based shearer has a double output shaft at each end, and a single drum at the shearing face, with anchor chain traction. This machine shears along the coal seam, along the length of the machine, following the incline of the seam. It is suitable for use with seams which have an incline angle less than 30°, with a seam thickness of 450mm – 900mm. The machine is suitable for coal with a hardness of less than medium to hard. This machine is integrated, with functions of continuous cutting and conveying. The MG100-TP is a powerful, strong machine, which is ideal for cutting hard thin coal seams and waste rock easily. It is equipped with reliable hydraulic components, for ease of maintenance. This unit has an inner and outer spraying system which suppresses dust efficiently. The MG100-TP operates with a scraper conveyor, and a single hydraulic prop.


Manufactured from our own patented, high intensity, abrasion resistant durable alloy in-block casting, The AFC pan has a tensile strength of more than 1400MPa. Maintenance free, the rippled middle plate effectively reduces resistance and reduces noise, and boasts a service life of 2-3 times more than a welded pan line. It is very cost effective, and our in-block casting AFC pan has been awarded 12 National patents, and is a world leader in the unique technique and design.

The durable alloy AFC Pan is cast entirely as middle groove, and is suitable for high-grade mining or mechanised mining. It is cast using special vacuum casting technology to achieve high strength and durability. The middle groove is manufactured from the third generation alloy TNZ-12 which is extremely durable, and the whole body strength achieves a hardness of HRC40.