ZDY Series Drill Rig is widely used in situations where different angles of drilling are required for water exploration, water injection, gas drainage, geological exploration etc. This unit is specially used in underground coal mine horizontal drilling, but can be adjusted up to 90°. The main attachments are hard alloy, for use with various sized PDC drill bits for boring.

The ZDY-3300S and ZDY-4000S coal mine drill rigs are mainly used for large diameter cone boring and core drill bits/PDC drill bits drilling. They are widely used in coal mine / nonferrous metal / hydropower construction/ public works/ nuclear industry / geological industry / military construction for drilling holes for water exploration and injection, gas drilling and discharge, geological exploration, bolting on slope and other drilling works. They are especially suitable for horizontal drilling and tunnel drilling.

The drill rigs are entirely hydraulic driven, and the system consists of the main frame, pump station and operational panel. They are easy to disassemble and transport, under difficult conditions the main frame can be disassembled. They are light, small, easy to operate, have good performance, of simple structure and easy to maintain.