ZQJC-360/8.0 Pneumatic Bracket Drilling Machine is driven by compressed air, and widely used in coal mines for drilling a variety of holes, such as water exploration, water injection, decompression, gas drainage holes and geological exploration.

The machine is equipped with a new generation of control valve, and constructed with a gyrator module, which features seamless step-up control for rotation speed and feeding speed. The main motor employs a new generation of motor design, increasing the power to 8kw without increasing weight. The machine is equipped with a module incorporating a gyrator, to ensure that rotating power and feeding is allocated optimally. The main engine can run in forward and reverse, and withdraws the drill easily in reverse, preventing jamming.

The entire unit, with its modular and optimal design, weighs no more than 150kg. The largest module weighs 70kg, and can be operated by two persons and move freely underground. The main motor can rotate through 360°, to achieve all round drilling. An automatic lifting device, for convenience and ease of operation and tasks.